Friday, November 25, 2011

Origin of pizza

Originally pizza is the food of the poor in Naples, southern Italy. But now, including in Indonesia, Pizza became very popular food. It feels light, complete nutrition and substantial enough to be the main reason people love pizza. Pizza originated from the ancient Italian word meaning "pinched". Because that's the way of eating.

Pizza started rising fame thanks to a bread maker, Raffaele Esposito. In 1889, Raffa intentionally made ​​pizza with a new flavor to the visit of king Umberto and Queen Margherita. Skin crispy pizza toppings were referring to the three colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato), white (mozzarella) and green (basil leaves). Not unexpectedly, the queen Margheritta loved it so Raffa took the name of the queen for homemade pizza. Since then, Pizza Margheritta became famous!

Pizza itself divided into two kinds of variants, Pizza from Northern Italy that promotes the content variations and Pizza Pizza from Southern Italy that emphasizes the flavor of the marinade. Italian pizzas are thin and crispy pizza different from America and similar thick bread. Secret delights of pizza there on 4 things: crispy skin, piquancy saosnya, tenderness and pleasure cheese topping his combination.

In Indonesia, the pizza can be purchased anywhere, good restaurant, delivery order and roadside stands. Start a thin Italian style, like Izzi Pizza, a bold American style, such as Pizza Hut or the style of the streets of Indonesia, such as the Pizza People. Everything was delicious! Whichever you choose, enjoy pizza with all my heart and feel the sensation.

Most Diligent Male Sex Indonesian

Indonesian men are at the top in terms of their frequency of sexual intercourse. In the survey titled Ideal Sex in Asia Survey, known Indonesian men have sex on average 9.8 times a month.

In second place is the Filipino men who have sex 9.4 times a month, followed by Indian men 8.8 times a month. Next up is the 7.7 Thailand in a month.

Meanwhile, for women, it turns out that ranks the highest in terms of the frequency of sex is a woman from India who have sex an average of 8.7 times a month. In the second place Indonesia and Malaysia both have sex about 6.8 times a month. Meanwhile, Thailand's only female sex 5.7 times a month.

Survey conducted by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company involved 1,658 men and 1,624 women in 10 countries in Asia. Respondents 31-74 years of age and sexual penetration in the last 12 months.

According Dr.George Lee, consultant urologist from Monash University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a hard erection still plays an important role in sexual satisfaction Asians. "Nearly 90 per cent of Malaysians think this is an important factor," he said.

Only a third of respondents who said the duration of sexual intercourse as a major factor in satisfaction.

The countries participating in this survey include China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singaporean, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. The survey results were announced yesterday (24/11) in Hong Kong

About Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is very familiar in Indonesia, who does not know with mozilla. There are facts - interesting facts about mozilla namely:

    1. Indonesia is the most Firefox users to the world-6
        Indonesia ranks number 6 after the U.S., Germany, Brazil, France, and Russia,
    2. Firefox was first launched in 2004
        Firefox 1.0 with codename Phoenix precisely launched on 9 November 2004.
    3. Firefox has more than 400 million users worldwide
       According kalkuasi since the first version to version 3.6
    4. Firefox 3.6 has been downloaded 396 million times
    5. Firefox is available in 81 different languages
    6. 40% Firefox source code contributed by volunteers
       Firefox is an open-source project consisting of 1,000 volunteers and 20,000 + tester in
       around the world.
    7. Firefox has changed its name three times
       Start of Phoenix, Firebird, to Firefox.
    8. More than 200,000 Add-Ons Firefox has been created
       Add-ons created by the Firefox community has received 2.4 billion downloads.
    9. Time of its release, Firefox 3 downloaded over 8 million times in the first 24 hours
       Mozilla also the record on Guinness World Record

Mysterious Cities in China

There is a mysterious place in china is moguicheng. This place is so haunted and scary. Lots of mystical events that have not been solved until now.

People - locals call it, which means the city Moguicheng devil. Moguicheng, which is a desert located in the Xinjiang province of China. This area is an area that is dormant, not a single person who lives here. Although here there is a castle - the castle.

Called the city of the devil because this city of mystery. If we walk on a sunny day towards the castle - the castle accompanied by the breeze, then we will hear the strains of melody that resembles a bell-and twang the strings - guitar strings are plucked gently. But when the storm comes, the sky and the sand fly instantly sky darkened, the strains of melody that will turn into a tiger's roar, the baby screams, sounds of animals being slaughtered, dying screams of women and in the end all will turn out to be a voice yelling, crying, and anger.

Jellyfish giants on Earth

Jellyfish Nomura is jellyfish Japan and recorded the largest in the world. It is in the same size class as Lionmane jellyfish, the largest cnidarian in the world. Jellyfish diameter is slightly larger than the average height of adult men. Its size is 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches) and weighing up to 220 kg (about 450 pounds), Nomura's life, especially in the waters between China and Japan, especially in the middle of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea. Nomura's jellyfish have plagued the oceans and attack Japan from 2005 until now.

Attack was deliberately done by such a creature has cut the fishing industry affected areas in Japan as well as disrupt the balance of the marine food chain.

Each jellyfish can weigh more than 200 kg and waters around Japan have been inundated with the creatures this year. Experts believe weather and water conditions in china sea is ideal for the growth of jellyfish in recent months.

7 Things Men Unique Likes Women

You would not think that a man could be attracted to their partner when you just wear jeans and a T-shirt with confidence. Well, men are not predictable. Here are other strange things that men like a woman, as quoted by the Times of India:

1. Faces Without Make Up

Although you often do not appear confident without makeup, but men prefer your natural face. Occasionally leave smokey eyes makeup, and meet him with your naturally beautiful face. He definitely more fascinated!

2. What Not Matching Lingerie

Maybe you always prepare to tempt couples in bed with you the latest lacy lingerie, or a set of undies with matching color. But it turns out he also looks like when you are not ready to attack. The trick? Do not try to wear matching lingerie that when you make love.

3. Silly jokes

No need too keep the image in front of him. It turns out men like women who are often silly joke and have a good sense of humor.

4. Section Should Not Be Skinny

If you are obsessed with the super slim supermodel body, try to accept your body shape is. Men were actually not too fond of the flat body. The curve of your body is very sexy in her eyes.

5. Shown Casual

There are times when you must take off your bed clothes are sexy. Wear over-size t-shirt when you sleep. Your appearance is relaxed able to make him feel comfortable around you.

6. Random-messy hair

Even if you do not like the hair not combed, apparently he liked it. Hair disheveled, as if you just got up, look sexy for him.

7. Eye Contact

Make yourself interesting to look into his eyes when talking. Eye contact shows that you are confident enough, so do not be shy to stare directly at him in the eye.
Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some variation Relationships Sex What Not recommended

Sex is not just a mere routine, when it's done like that then it would be boring. It required variation of sex at certain times, variations can make the sex life of two lovers becomes warmer.
However, if the variation had strayed too extreme and dangerous for one or two beings, of course it is not recommended. It would be better avoided.
Here is an example of an extreme sex variation that should be avoided:
This sex offender behaved normally enjoy sex with sadism / violence, more aroused more and more sadistic. Sex involving violence, such as whipping, beating or chained her partner.Another case when it has been approved by both partners on the basis of the will together, new things can be dilaksanan.
But if one party refuses then do not do. Varisi because sex is not getting satisfaction in sex, but in pain and can even worse.
2. Paraphilia / fantasy sex wrong
The sexual offenders often have unusual sex fantasies or beyond normal.Over time will lead to abnormalities in the sex drive running marital relationship.The fantasy usually used as the driving force for the actors to try to do activities that dreamed.For example: feel aroused when seeing certain animals such as monkeys or horses, it'll actually be born a new disease such as HIV or AIDS
4. Autoerotic strangulation
Type of sex that begins with variations of strangling his partner first then arose sexual satisfaction / or orgasm.
It is a strange way that is usually done so that the strangled (male or female) get strong orgasm.Should be avoided, because it can cause death in one hand.Choose where, satisfaction or death?
1. Sex through the anus / anal.
Type of variation is dangerous because the rectal / anal was prone disease, where it comes out of the human food. Sex with a man entering into the vital organs sewer lady very, very not recommended. Anus not seelastis female vaginal opening. this will result in the membranes of the anus will blister or hurt.
Although the resulting injuries are minor injuries, but this condition will facilitate the entry of germs into the body. So often do this please think again side effects.So think about the consequences that would arise if a sexual relationship in the extreme,'s still a lot of other standard variations that can still be done and cause pleasure for married couples.
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wear Condoms Reduce Risk for Infection In Vagina

According to a report of Epidemiology, women who are at high risk for exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, the risk of developing bacteria in the vagina and vaginal microflora changes will be reduced if they use condoms when having sex.
Bacterial vaginosis is caused by unbalanced growth of bacteria commonly found in the vagina of a woman, commonly known as vaginal microflora, which occurs due to excess amount of bacteria that should not exist. This is the most common infection in women of childbearing age with a variety of symptoms such as issuing a less savory aroma, the pain, itching and burning like fire.
Although bacterial vaginosis can be experienced by any woman, but some activities or habits can upset the balance of bacteria in the vagina. Including them is having sex with a new sex partner or multiple partners and using an intrauterine device (IUD) as a contraceptive.
Has yet to be ascertained how effective condoms can reduce the bacteria that cause sexually transmitted infections diseases, said Dr.. Roberta B. Ness and his colleagues at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Therefore they are investigating the use of condoms, bacterial vaginosis and growth of micro-organisms in the vagina associated with bacterial vaginosis in 871 women at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases
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